Update 1/5

xSuPeRLanD SOTMLTDEVDM posted May 21, 17

Greetings everyone! We now have a nice title for our server and a sweet new icon!
As you can see below in this image "Creative plots released!". Well, that is true.

We have officially released creative plots.
Currently, only creative plots (small) is available and the big plots will be available eventually.
To access Creative Plots, hop on the server and type "/menu" and find Creative Plots.
Once you are there, you should find yourself in a plot world.

Plot commands:

  • 1. /plot claim
  • 2. /plot auto
  • 3. /plot add <player>
  • 4. /plot remove <player>
  • 5. /plot trust <player>
  • 6. /plot untrust <player>
  • 7. /plot deny <player>
  • 8. /plot undeny <player>
  • 9. /plot clear
  • 10. /plot home

That's all the commands I remember giving permissions.

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Z3tr0nix SUPREME The server is offline, is this part of the new update?
yoloclub22 SOTM Nice :)

An update..

_Thundersnow OWNERDEV posted May 10, 17

Hello everyone,

Datoverse has had many changes in the past few weeks, And some staff team changes.

After some hard work coding and working on the server, the server should re-launch in beta sometime today to this sunday. We need multiple builders to help make maps and we need staff members to help moderate the server.

We have a new owner that has a bulk amount of experience in server development and staff management, please congratulate NeptuniumVoid! I have known him for an extremely long time and I'm happy knowing that he will do an amazing job working with me and the entire team.

We also need developers to help us out with backend development.

I hope you guys do enjoy the new Datoverse, it should be up sometime tonight!


A little update...

xSuPeRLanD SOTMLTDEVDM posted Apr 19, 17

Heyo everyone!! My name is xSuPeRLanD (or Super for short). I am the founder of Datoverse. A few weeks ago, I have departed from the server and passed on the server files to a well-known staff member called HuskyTM. He was amazing at his job while I was here at Datoverse. I had fun managing the server and working with the staff team, and I believe that HuskyTM will do well with the upcoming server. I will be staying for a little short while to help HuskyTM to get the server started and running. Once I see people join, I am departing. I will return one day, and that one day will be during 2017.

The server should be up within 1-3 weeks. Updates from Husky will happen eventually.

~ xSuPeRLanD

Formal Datoverse Owner/Founder